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(06/2019) Bingzhang Lu receives a $1000 grant-in-aid from Sigma Xi to support his research on electrocatalysis.

(05/2019) Yi Peng is an Honorable Mention of the 2019 ECS San Francisco Section Daniel Cubicciotti Student Award. This is a third in the group!

(04/2019) Bingzhang Lu receives a 2019-2020 Chancellor's Dissertation Year Fellowship.

(04/2019) Bingzhang Lu receives an Honorable Mention of 2019 IPMI Student Award competition.

(03/2019) Jasmine Liu, a UC LEADS scholar, received an honorable mention for her research presentation in the 2019 UC LEADS Symposium.

(02/2019) UCSC publishes a press release for Bingzhang's Nature Communications paper. Check it out!

(02/2019) Yi Peng receives a Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self-Financed Students Abroad.

(11/2018) Prof. Chen is listed as a Highly Cited Researcher for 2018 by Clarivate Analytics

Kiana Coleman, an undergraduate assistant is featured on the department's Undergraduate Student Spotlight.

(06/2018) Yi Peng receives the Chancellor's Dissertation Year Fellowship in 2018-2019.

(06/2018) Carolina Wahl receives the Undergarduate Research in Science and Technology Award from UCSC. Last year, Wanzhang Pan was also selected as an awardee.

(04/2018) Yi Peng receives the ECS Joseph W. Richards Summer Fellowship for 2018.

(04/2018) Yi Peng receives an Honorable Mention of the 2018 IPMI Student Awards.

(04/2018) Bingzhang Lu wins the 2018 John and Grace Wang Award in Physical Chemistry.

(01/2018) Check out Yi's work on carbon nitride-graphene oxide nanocomposites embedded with ruthenium ions for HER electrocatalysis that is highlighted by a UCSC Press Release and ChemEurope.

John Diniz is selected to receive a 2017 Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Science Graduate Student Research Award to support his research at SLAC.

Limei Chen is selected as an honorable mention recipient of the 2017 ECS Cubicciotti Award competition. This is the second time a student in the Chen lab received such an honor. In 2012, Xiongwu Kang also received an honorable mention.

Yi Peng wins a 2017-2018 STEM Chateaubriand Fellowship. He will spend 4 months in Paris working in Professor Pierre Millet's laboratory in Universite Paris-Sud 11.

Yi Peng wins the 2017 John and Grace Wang Award in Physical Chemistry.

Forrest Nichols wins the 2017 Koret Scholarship.

Double happiness in 2016: Limei Chen is awarded a Chancellor's Dissertation Year Fellowship and Lewis Bonny is selected to receive the Tony Fink Memorial Student Award for his outstanding research achievements.

Peiguang just wins the 2015 Gemini Industries Graduate Student Award by the International Precious Metals Institute (IPMI). This is the second time a Chen student won a student award from IPMI. In 2006, a former student, Sulolit Pradhan, also won a student award. Congrats!

The Chen group welcomes dedicated students (undergraduate and graduate) with a strong interest in materials/phsyical chemistry to join our research efforts in the design and preparation of new functional nanomaterials. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Also, from time to time, the Chen group accepts applications for postdoctoral or visiting scholar appointments. The minimium requirements include

(a) strong background in nanomaterials chemistry (synthesis and functionalization);
(b) solid background in electrochemistry;
(c) proficiency in spectroscopic tools;
(d) satisfactory English skills (in particular, writing skills)

Interested candidates should contact Dr. Shaowei Chen directly.


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